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In 1996, with the name “Pronoise Industrial Corporation” we formed a band with the intention of combining our diverse musical influences in an attempt to produce a lesser-known style to the Spanish music scene at the time, and perhaps still so today, by drawing from trends in Electronic Body Music as well as the evolution of post-punk, dark, 80s electronic music and industrial rock from the 90s.

We’ve been friends since before we can even remember. Both of us have developed a strong affection for music throughout our lives, each going our own way until we were finally able to fuse these musical tastes and knowledge together.

To put it briefly, Javi was more into dark rock and post-punk, while Nacho was geared towards EBM and industrial music. These genres just touch the surface of what would otherwise be a countless list of other influences and styles.

It was only through the convergence of all these styles that we became inspired to develop the themes now featured in our 2013 vinyl edition of “Low Light Vision”, which, if we may say so, is quite pleasing. There is also a mutual interdependence. Pronoise wouldn’t be Pronoise without Javi or without Nacho, nor with other people.

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