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Donnie Christianson aka Circuit Scream

Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Oudist Donnie Maynard
Christianson, aka Circuit Scream, blends rock, metal, soundscapes, and
electronic music to create a unique brand of scifi-inspired
ambient-electronic guitar rock, often pitting melodic, bowed electric
guitars against a backdrop of soundscapes, grinding synth bass and
Marshall-driven rhythms cranked to 11.

An active musician since the 80’s with various bands, Donnie is strongly
influenced by virtuosic guitar gods like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai,
composers Howard Shore & Jeremy Soule, Scandinavian metal artists
Nightwish, and in recent years Celldweller. His vocal work with
Silverwing showcases classic metal influences reminiscent of powerhouse
singers like Geoff Tate and Rob Halford.

Donnie’s most recent album release is DarkScapes, a 39-song
ambient/electronic project that includes some tracks generated entirely
via software from the album’s various artwork. Currently he is recording
several instrumental projects, an ambient album titled “Explorations”
with a scifi story and animation, and a brand-new Silverwing album with
a new lineup of the band.

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