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Bad Nuze

Adrian Bad Nuze Triplett is a part of legendary Hip-Hop icon Snoop Dogg’s family, to the nationwide Hip-Hop circuit. Bad Nuze is the son n law of The boss doggs¬†uncle, Uncle June Bug, who is a core member of Snoop’s inner circle since the early days.

Bad Nuze, who lists iconic artists such as 2Pac, Jay Z, DJ Quik, Snoop Doog and Nas as his musical influences, was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. When he first heard Fat Boys and Ice T on the radio, he knew that rap was his lane. Nuze began his quest for perfecting his craft, while making moves throughout Southern California as a certified audio engineer, who was working with renowned rappers such as Daz Dillinger and his Dogg Pound crew. and many more Left Coast icons.

Nuze knows that respect doesn’t come easy but hard work is never ignored. He sets himself apart by simply being himself and not conforming to the water-down Hip-Hop prevalent today. With powerhouse Benjaman Music Mgmt behind him, Bad Nuze will start to bring that raw Hip-Hop and beyond!

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