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The Free Descendants of Man

The Free Descendants of Man
Date of Birth: Early 2015.
Nickname: The FDoM
FOUNders: Tha Mammoth (Nate Velleux) and Frenchee (Cory French)


We are The Free Descendants of Man, two enigmatic musical wizards coming out of Kauai, Hawaii. Our sound combines the lyrical power of master freestyler Tha Mammoth with the emotion and mystery manifested in post-indie producer Cory French resulting in an unexpected, yet, tantalizing marriage of catchiness and raw originality.

The Myth
The Avatar spoke, “Mankind as you know it will be transcended. The 7th generation will not know of the slavery that once was. Your descendants will be free.”

Said the boy.
Suddenly, the sky broke into fractals and the ocean underneath began to fold into itself indefinitely.

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